Kandahar Kabab, Mississauga

Well, well, now who’s up for some mouthwatering kababs? If you are one of those who are, then the right place to head is the Kandahar Kabab in Mississauga. This Afghani restaurant serves… Continue reading

Lovely Christmas Market

Every year my plan to visit the Christmas market at Distillery District never transformed to reality. So this year, I made sure I went to the Christmas market, even if it was on… Continue reading

Aji Sai Sushi, Milton

I wasn’t an ardent fan of Sushi. I never seemed to get the hang of it. But my husband has successfully changed my opinion about this famous Japanese food item. Off late, I… Continue reading

Evening Commute

After my exhaustive endeavours, I hurry past the concrete jungle to reach the subway station. I push through the hasty crowd, and cannily locate a spot to wait for the train. This spot… Continue reading

Moxie’s Grill & Bar

November month and celebrations continue! And this time it was our marriage anniversary. Unlike previous years when we planned a trip and spent a weekend celebrating the occasion, this time it was a… Continue reading

Charming Casa Loma

Casa Loma is a stunning, lavish castle which is located on a high altitude in Toronto and it provides a great view of the city. This place is so rich in history with… Continue reading

Zombie Parade 2015, Montreal

I got to spend my unplanned Halloween weekend at Montreal this time. Boy, oh boy, I was so glad that I did. It was one fun filled Saturday at Place des Arts, Montreal.… Continue reading

Yummylicious Patisserie Lavande

As my other plans flopped, I was left with very short time to buy a cake for my husband’s birthday. Since I was in Montreal, the ideal place for good food, I started… Continue reading

Active Voice Versus Passive Voice

Active Voice A sentence is in active voice if the subject of the sentence performs an action indicated by the verb. Example: Jack hit the ball. The above sentence is written in active… Continue reading

Appetizers from Mr.Dumpling, Milton

Today’s post is all about my new found love for appetizers. This post does not list any of my favorite appetizers instead it is about a restaurant that I discovered accidentally in Milton… Continue reading