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Reasons to Shop at Ricki’s

Ricki’s clothing brand is a hidden gem which I uncovered a little late; at least I did, that’s what I am glad about. I love their clothing line which is so affordable, economical,… Continue reading

Active Voice Versus Passive Voice

Active Voice A sentence is in active voice if the subject of the sentence performs an action indicated by the verb. Example: Jack hit the ball. The above sentence is written in active… Continue reading

Abbreviation vs. Acronym vs. Initialism

Abbreviation It’s a shortened form of a word or a phrase. Example: Mon (Monday) Dec (December) Ave (Avenue) B.A (Bachelor of Arts) Ltd (Limited) Acronym It’s a shortened form of a word or… Continue reading

Job Application Tips

When you are available in the job market or looking for new job opportunities, you need to keep in mind the competition out there. Do not lose out on an opportunity by overlooking… Continue reading

Business Email Etiquette Rules

Every day at work we receive and send so many emails. It’s always a challenge to write business emails in a professional manner. It’s important to keep in mind that information once sent… Continue reading