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9 Yards of Beauty—Saree

Saree is classic and famous attire worn by women in India, South of Asia. It’s a garment that consists of long drape that’s worn differently by women across India; sarees are definitely a… Continue reading

The Indian Kannadiga Bride

She’s clad in an ornate silk saree that she took months to buy only because she wanted the best. It’s not her regular outfit, but she still carries it with ease and charm.… Continue reading

Evening Commute

After my exhaustive endeavours, I hurry past the concrete jungle to reach the subway station. I push through the hasty crowd, and cannily locate a spot to wait for the train. This spot… Continue reading

10 Reasons Why Siblings are the Best

I not only consider myself lucky but also feel equally blessed to have two siblings. I grew up with a brother and a sister who are quite olden than me. The age gap… Continue reading

Let’s Stay Happy

  There is no standard guide or rules to stay happy in life. A little change or tweak to our outlook or attitude in life makes a big difference in how we handle… Continue reading