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Curtains vs. Blinds: Choose What’s Best for You

It’s always a tricky thing to decide whether you need to buy curtains or blinds for your home. Gone are the days when blinds were only limited to office space, its use is… Continue reading

Which is better, Fabric Sofa or Leather Sofa?

While shopping for sofas you are always dreaded by one question, whether to buy a fabric sofa or a leather sofa? The only answer to this question is buying a sofa that best… Continue reading

Window Treatment: Curtains

A new task was accomplished by me over the weekend. I was successfully able to hang the curtains at home. I know, that does not sound like a big accomplishment, let me tell… Continue reading

Table Runner

Today’s post is a brief insight to table runner—all about its benefits and the right way to use it. What is a table runner? A table runner is a table accessory made of… Continue reading

Area Rug Guide

After moving into our new home, buying an area rug for our living room was a pending task on my to-do list. After getting new hardwood for the floor in the living room,… Continue reading

Easy DIY: How to Frost Glass?

After moving in to our new home, we started to get a little bothered by the see through glass in the main entrance door along with the side light (glass window that flanks… Continue reading