Montreal Memories


Montreal city, a tourist’s paradise, located in Quebec province, is my favorite holiday getaway. I have lost the count of my visits to this beautiful city. This city is so rich in culture, history, and architecture. It’s a blend of French and English culture, and is home to many museums and landmarks. Apart from the visual treat, this city is also heaven for food lovers.  My visits to Montreal do not require any detailed planning; anytime we feel like we need a break or a quick getaway from Toronto, we just drive to Montreal. The drive from Toronto to Montreal is fun during the summer and spring seasons; especially during spring time, the fall colors are magical. My top picks from Montreal that’s a must see are: Notre-Dame Basilica, Old Montreal, Mount Royal, St. Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal, Rue St. Paul,  Old Port of Montreal, Japanese Garden, Biodome de Montreal, St. Patrick’s Basilica.

Notre-Dame Basilica

This is by far the most beautiful church that I have ever seen. It looks nice from outside but it’s the inside that’s mesmerizing; it’s full of lovely colors, beautifully stained glass. This place has a peaceful aura to it. You cannot visit the place during the mass; ensure you check the visiting hours prior to dropping by. There’s also a very nominal amount that you are required to pay to enter the church. Another church that’s famous and noteworthy to mention is the St. Patrick’s Basilica.

Old Montreal

The best way to see the history and architecture of Montreal city is by visiting the Old Montreal. It is fun walking around the city, with the sight of old buildings, shops, and restaurants.

Rue St. Paul

Another place where you can catch the architecture and historical buildings. You can stroll through the streets; there are several shops, and restaurants.

Mount Royal

This Mountain provides a nice view of the Montreal city. It’s an ideal place to visit with family and friends. You can spend a lot of time here walking around with occasional rest stops accompanied by a picnic.

St. Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal

This is a simple, beautiful church standing tall on the Mount Royal. It has quite a lot of steps to climb; you’ll find some people climbing the stairs by knees. You’ll get a nice view of the city from top of the church.

Old Port of Montreal


This place is always buzzing with people. It’s nice to walk across the pier, and you can even take the cruise. You’ll find lot restaurants close to the pier.

Montreal Botanical Gardens, Japanese Garden, Insectarium

If you like nature and love spending time out there, then you must surely visit this place. This is a huge garden with lots of plants, trees, and a lot of greenery that’s maintained really well.  Japanese Garden is part of the Botanical Garden. It has a very beautiful display of plants and trees with well-done landscapes. There is also the Insectarium that’s part of the Botanical Garden. They have an impressive collection of insects and it’s very educational.

Olympic Park, Biodome de Montreal

The Olympic Park was the venue for the 1975 Olympic Games. Do visit this place that’s part of the Olympic history. The Biodome de Montreal is located at the Olympic Park which provides a very good and informative display of the Ecosystems. And during those walking trips, if you want to have a bite, let’s say more specifically dim sum or Asian food, then do visit the China Town— there are quite a lot of restaurants and shops.

You cannot define this city based on its history alone; it has an amazing history that blends perfectly with the contemporary lifestyle, it’s a pleasure to see and experience it.