9 Yards of Beauty—Saree



Saree is classic and famous attire worn by women in India, South of Asia. It’s a garment that consists of long drape that’s worn differently by women across India; sarees are definitely a vibrant and stunning piece of clothing. The typical length and breadth of a saree is 5 to 9 yards and 2 to 4 feet respectively. Saree is worn on an underskirt that acts a waistband and on a blouse. The upper edge of the saree and the saree pleats are tucked into the underskirt; the underskirt helps to keep the garment in place. The underskirt comes with an adjustable waist drawstring; it’s easily adjustable to fit any size. Saree and blouse material are sold as one complete garment. Blouse material is given to tailors or designers to get it stitched in desired design and size. The styling of saree varies from region to region in India; for example, sarees in south of India is worn in a different way when compared to sarees in west of India.


Saree in Bengali Style

There’s no standard style to wear a saree, nowadays people put in a lot of creativity while draping a saree. Sarees are available in different colors, patterns, and in fabric such as cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, and many more. Some sarees have intricate embroidery, embellishments, and beads carefully fashioned on the border of the saree, or on the loose end of the saree (called as pallu) or on the entire saree. Detailed design, heavy embellishment, and good fabric increase the price of this garment.


Heavy Embroidery on Blouse

Although saree is traditional attire, not all women in India are seen in sarees; however in some parts of the country it still remains a daily-wear for many women. For any auspicious event, religious ceremonies, and celebrations, women prefer wearing this conventional garment. In south of India, silk sarees are considered for special occasions, celebration, and even wedding; brides wear grand silk sarees during the nuptials. Similarly brides from other parts of India also wear saree but in a different style and in different fabric. Until you get comfortable with this attire, it may seem a little complex wearing and handling a saree.  If worn perfectly and carried with confidence, saree is a sensuous garment. Even though it’s classified as a traditional outfit, saree definitely adds more oomph and elegance to Indian women.