Throwback Thursday: Seattle


Today’s post is my Throwback Thursday post or rather a memory that dates back to the year 2013. Gosh! 2013 feels like ages ago. Three years ago, this month, I was in Seattle, Washington. Seattle city is located on the west coast; it’s surrounded by water and mountains and has plenty of parks, lots of greenery, making it a scenic and beautiful city. It also has a nickname called ‘Rain City’ which is so true about this place. Most of the time, it’s raining in Seattle and if you have spent quite some time in this city, rain will hardly bother you; you get accustomed to the dampness in the city. Winter in Seattle is nothing compared to that in Toronto; it gets a little cold, but you will not witness heavy snowfall or crazy wind chills. Seattle is also home for several IT employees because of the giant and well-known technology companies that exist in Seattle. Microsoft and Amazon are headquartered in Seattle. My seven months in this city was filled with great experiences and life lasting memories. I lived in Bellevue city, part of Seattle Metropolitan Area, and also got to visit other cities such as Spokane, Tacoma, Redmond, Everett, and many more. I could write a lot about the places in this city, however, I refrain myself from doing it, and thought it’s apt to provide information on some of the key places or notable ones that I visited in Seattle.

The very first place I had been to was the famous and busy mall, Bellevue Square. I dropped-in at this mall to pick up some warm clothes, jackets and other essential stuff. This is a very huge mall with quite a lot of stores to shop and also houses many restaurants.

Kirkland city has many waterfront parks on Lake Washington; these parks are quite famous among the neighboring cities as well. One of the beautiful parks that I visited on the waterfront in Kirkland was the Marina Park. This park is ideal for bonding with family or catching up with friends, and having some relaxed time.

The world famous observation tower and also the ionic landmark in Seattle city is the Space Needle. The Space Needle provides a spectacular view of Seattle downtown and also the mountain, Mount Rainier. The city skyline from the Space Needle is breathtaking. This place will always have a long queue to enter the roof-top. The rotating restaurant at the top deck of the Space Needle is quite famous and a little expensive one; you may have to book ahead to avoid long-waiting time. The Space Needle has quite a lot of souvenir/gift shops.

The Seattle Waterfront, part of the Elliott Bay Shore, is another must visit place in Seattle. It is ideal to walk through the waterfront, and view the harbor, shops, restaurants, Seattle Aquarium, and also catch the breathtaking view of the sunset at the waterfront. The famous Seattle Wheel (a Ferris wheel) is also located at the Elliot Bay Shore. It’s fun to take a ride on the wheel; however, it’s a little expensive. If you take the ride during the sunset, you are sure to catch some breathtaking views. Also, don’t forget to visit the Pike Place market. A walk through this hustling and bustling market that hosts several flowers, fish, spices, and other shops will be a different and memorable experience.

Kerry Park is another clean and beautiful park in Seattle. It’s more famous for the view that it provides; from Kerry Park you can view the Seattle skyline with a backdrop of Mount Rainer. This place is quite famous among the shutterbugs and also tourists who want to capture the beautiful city into memorable pictures.

If you appreciate architecture, then you must surely visit the Seattle Library. It is an award-winning architecture that’s a modern and contemporary looking, glass building.

Snoqualmie Falls is a stunning waterfall, lovely to view from the top. There are many trails around this place; if you trail during summer, you can go closer to the falls. During winter, you can get only the top view of the falls. This is a very scenic place and most of the time you can catch a rainbow across the falls. There’s also a park located close to the falls.

If you want to enjoy outdoor activities like skiing (or even get a crash course in skiing), tubing, you must visit the Snoqualmie Summit Ski Area or can even go the Alpental Ski Area. The drive to these places was amazing; these places make you feel closer to nature.

Lake Sammamish Park and Pine Lake Park, both located in Issaquah, are waterfront parks, which are ideal for a lot of activities; you can hike these huge parks, or do fishing, swimming, and Kayaking.

Deception Pass is a channel that separates the Whidbey Island from the Fidalgo Island. The Deception Pass Bridge connects these two islands. The view of the islands from the bridge is spectacular. The Deception pass is surrounded by the Deception Pass Park. This park has several hiking trails, campgrounds, and beautiful beaches. The far off view of the bridge from the park is quite a beauty. Make sure to visit this place.

Mount Rainier National Park is another gem in Seattle. The alluring beauty of Mount Rainier is mesmerizing. It feels so calm and peaceful to be out there. This place is ideal to visit in all seasons. People camp here for days and live amidst the natural beauty, away from the city buzz.

Seattle city will always be special for me; it’s also the first US city that I visited. I am hoping to get another opportunity to visit this splendid city again.