3 Days in New York


Here’s me making another inclusion to my travelogue, and this time, it’s New York! My Christmas holidays which should have been a staying in and relaxing affair turned into an unplanned visit to the U.S. The drive from Toronto to Times Square, NY was one long, hectic, and tiring journey but totally worth it. The ideal seven hours’ drive became a nine hours’ drive due to occasional stops, traffic, and wrong routes. We stayed at the Candlewood Suites at Times Square (this one was much better than Candlewood Suites in Montreal). On the very first evening, without wasting much time, my husband and I, ventured out on city tour by walk. The real fun is to tour the city by walk rather than taking tour bus. The streets were filled with tourists; I have never been to any place so crowded by tourists.

The far off view of the Empire State building lit with lights was such a beauty. There was a long queue to enter the Empire State building; we were advised that the waiting time in the queue would be close to 3 to 4-hours’. Sadly on that evening, weather played a spoil sport; it was raining and heavy fog caused very little visibility of the city from the top floor of Empire State building. This made us to postpone our plan of visiting the building, to sometime in the following days.

From there we moved on to the Madame Tussauds museum, a place where we can see celebrities from worldwide under one roof. This was a fun place, got lots of pictures clicked with the still celebrities. Also, the 4D movie played here was unexpectedly great and fun. After so much of walking, we were tired, and hungry for some good food. We set out in search of good restaurants and our search led us to the Tir na Nog, an Irish pub and restaurant. I thoroughly enjoyed the ambience, music, and appetizing food.

Day 2, it was time to visit the iconic Statue of Liberty. To avoid standing in the long queue, we left our hotel a little early, hoping to make it to the first ferry to the Liberty Island. The weather on day 2 was not very cold and there was lots of sunshine. The ferry ride was very pleasant, providing a fantastic view of the city. The skyline from the Liberty Island was stunning and looked more like a painting on canvas. After posing for pictures with the Statue of Liberty and spending some time in the Liberty Island, we were on the ferry back to the Staten Island. It was almost lunch time and the right time to try out the street food in NY.

Having heard so much about the street food in NY, I have to say, I was definitely not disappointed by my street food experience. After fueling ourselves, we were on train to the Wall Street. Here we got a quick peek of the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall. Then we moved on to see the Charging Bull; there was a long queue of people waiting to see the Bull and get pictures clicked. Next, we walked to the 9/11 Memorial center; it is a well-constructed memorial and museum, honoring the 9/11 victims.

Next on our list was the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in the U.S. We walked across the bridge; the view of the Brooklyn and Manhattan cities was magical. Next we headed to the Times Square, and to get started with the New Year celebrations. It was a well spent evening with loads of pumped up people, loud music, dancing their way to New Year.

On day 3, weather was not very kind; a cold day with an usual sight of people donning the heavy jackets. We started early from our hotel to the Empire State Building. The queue was relatively short compared to our previous visit. We spent only 30 minutes to reach the top of the building and got a spectacular view of the city. The cold weather made it difficult to stay out for longer time.

Our next spot was the famous Central Park. The ideal way to explore this huge park is by cycling and that’s exactly what we did. We rented out bikes and started cycling through the park with occasional stops for sight-seeing and sometimes for resting. It was a tough task but I would say a definite must try experience in the Central Park. And thus, the end of third day marked the end of one crazy, super fun trip!