Niagara Falls, Canada

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Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada, is one of the mesmerizing natural beauties in the world. Niagara Falls is shared between the Niagara Falls City, Ontario, Canada, and the Niagara Falls City, New York, United States. Niagara Falls is the collective name for three waterfalls— the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls. The American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls lie in America, and the Horseshoe Falls lie mostly in Canada. Having seen this falls from both the countries, I feel the view of the falls from the Canadian side is more stunning. Just an hour drive from the Milton city, Niagara Falls has always been our quick getaway from the city hustle. Finding a parking spot close to the falls is a big challenge; there’s no free parking facility here, and even though there’s paid-parking available, it’s still challenging to find a spot especially during weekends and holidays. We visit the falls throughout the year, even during the winter season. It’s fun walking on the long sidewalks, with the glimpse of the magnificent Niagara Falls. There are many viewpoints available on the sidewalk to catch the best picturesque view of the gigantic Niagara Falls.


During spring and summer seasons there are a lot of fun activities to do at the falls. You can view the falls through boat tours, helicopter rides, and jet boats. The Maid of Mist boat tours are a popular attraction in the Niagara Falls. In October 2013, The Maid of Mist ended its boat tours on the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls; however, it still operates on the U.S. side of the Niagara Falls. Currently in Canada, the boat cruises are operated by the Hornblower Niagara Cruises. The boat tours are an excellent means to enjoy the spectacular Niagara Falls; these boat tours take you as close as possible to the falls. You can witness the falls from close proximity, amidst the mist, and hear its roaring from up-close. I always make sure to get a spot on the top deck. The boat tour company provides the tourists with hooded rain poncho to protect themselves from getting wet. My very first boat tour of the Niagara Falls was a very exciting experience and is definitely the most cherished one. Journey Behind the Falls is another paid attraction which lets you view the falls from behind and beside the falls; this is a much different experience when compared to the boat tour. A tunnel leads to the viewing deck that’s closest to the falls. This was a thrilling experience, and is highly recommended.




Journey Behind the Falls, src:See Sight Tours

Once it’s dark, the Niagara Falls gets color illuminated; lot of radiant colors that lights up the falls. Let’s not forget the fireworks at the Niagara Falls. The Niagara Park in Canada hosts different display of fireworks that’s amazing to watch. The color illumination and fireworks at the falls are scheduled events for the entire year (excluding some months during the winter season), however due to unfavorable weather conditions, these events may get cancelled.


Color Illumination


Fire Works at Niagara Falls, src:Clifton Hill

A visit to the falls during the winter season is a must; due to very low temperatures, parts of the falls get frozen; it’s an absolute beauty to witness. Niagara SkyWheel is another fun attraction that should not be missed at the Niagara Falls. The view of the Niagara Falls and the city from the SkyWheel is truly mind-blowing. If you take the ride in the night, you can see the brightly lit city and color illuminated Niagara Falls. Niagara SkyWheel operates in all the seasons; the cars are climate controlled making it suitable for all the seasons.

The falls is always crowded, it’s best to get here in the morning; it will help you to find a parking spot easily and also avoid the crowds. Some paid attractions have long queues, especially the boat tour and the Journey Behind the Falls. It’s better to plan your day based on the activities you want to do here. In case you want to spend more than a day here, there are many hotels close to the Niagara Falls that also have the falls view. Here’s my previous post on a weekend stay in Marriott Falls View Hotel at Niagara Falls. Apart from the hotels there are many restaurants, casinos, and gift shops close to the falls. Ensure that you do not miss the color illumination and fireworks at the Niagara Falls; it’s best to check online the schedule for these events. Niagara Falls will definitely make you fall in love with its magnum beauty!