The Indian Kannadiga Bride


Malabar Gold

She’s clad in an ornate silk saree that she took months to buy only because she wanted the best. It’s not her regular outfit, but she still carries it with ease and charm. Don’t judge her for her intricate shopping skills or for her confused mind; you’ll be baffled to know how she’s mastered her chaotic world. Her hair is beautifully plaited—neatly interweaved and adorned with flowers. She holds up her heavy hairdo for hours but that’s nothing compared to life’s endurance she’s prepared to face. Her eyes are bright and well-defined by kohl, and mascara enhances those eyelashes; secretly she hopes that not tears but only water ruins her eye makeup. She wears exquisite pieces of jewelry that is carefully chosen and perfectly paired with her saree. Adding more elegance to her is an intricate looking baithale bottu (chain with a pendant) that she wears on her forehead. She sparkles with dangling vole jhumki (earrings) that’s decorated by pearls and precious stones. She happily flaunts her dark colored mehendi on her palms and hands, and not to forget the eye-catching tholu bandhi (armlet) on her arm. She ensures that the dabbu (waist-belt) with elaborate patterns perfectly embellishes her waist. She completes her look with an alluring bindi on her forehead between the eyebrows. The most quintessential accessory that she does not forget is her smile; along with a pinch of color to her lips, she flashes a warm and beaming smile to everyone she meets. As she walks towards the mandappa (a pavilion for marriage rituals) with poise, sounds of her jingling bangles and anklets are heard. She looks absolutely stunning, with all eyes on her, she makes a grand entrance; she definitely makes it hard for everyone to take their eyes-off her and that includes the groom too. Shy and yet confident, she’s the Indian bride, all set to start a new journey of her life!