Kingston’s 1000 Island Cruise


We visited Kingston only to take the 1000 Island cruise and we were definitely not disappointed. Kingston city is located in Ontario; it provides great picturesque view of the islands and the St. Lawrence River. There are a lot of options for the cruise—1.5 hours tour of the Kingston and local islands, 3 hours ‘Heart of the Islands’ tour, lunch tour, and dinner cruise. No matter which one you opt for, all the tours are great and fun. Except the 1.5 hours’ tour, all the other tours have live entertainment. There’s food and drinks available on the cruise. You can purchase your tickets online or at the ticket booth. We visited Kingston in summer; the weather was bright and sunny, ideal to take a cruise. There were a lot of people waiting to hop on to the boat. All are expected to line-up to enter the boat; I was glad we were first in the queue. We were greeted by the captain and the crew while entering the boat. We went on to the upper deck of the boat and easily moved around to view the islands from different spots. The staff in the boat and in the ticket booth was nice and helpful. The boat was clean, neatly maintained; there were washrooms available in the boat. It was not only a scenic cruise but was also very informative; a commentary was being played in the boat. Most of the places had some story and it was great to enjoy the view knowing more about the place. The view was beautiful; we saw variety of buildings, islands that were small and big, houses, estates, and windmills. I thoroughly enjoyed the cruise; it was a very relaxing and pleasant experience.