Montreal Memories

Montreal city, a tourist’s paradise, located in Quebec province, is my favorite holiday getaway. I have lost the count of my visits to this beautiful city. This city is so rich in culture,… Continue reading

9 Yards of Beauty—Saree

Saree is classic and famous attire worn by women in India, South of Asia. It’s a garment that consists of long drape that’s worn differently by women across India; sarees are definitely a… Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Seattle

Today’s post is my Throwback Thursday post or rather a memory that dates back to the year 2013. Gosh! 2013 feels like ages ago. Three years ago, this month, I was in Seattle,… Continue reading

3 Days in New York

Here’s me making another inclusion to my travelogue, and this time, it’s New York! My Christmas holidays which should have been a staying in and relaxing affair turned into an unplanned visit to… Continue reading

Centre Island in Toronto

Centre Island is part of the Toronto Islands and it’s located in the western part of Lake Ontario in Toronto city. Centre Island is situated close to Downtown Toronto and it’s a relaxing… Continue reading

Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada, is one of the mesmerizing natural beauties in the world. Niagara Falls is shared between the Niagara Falls City, Ontario, Canada, and the Niagara Falls City, New York,… Continue reading

Ancient Ruins in Hampi, India

During our recent trip to India, my husband and I visited a relative in Bellary district in Karnataka state, situated in the south of India. In the spur of moment, we decided to… Continue reading

Quebec on Foot

Quebec City located in the Quebec province is an ancient city that possesses great history and breathtaking architecture. The best way to see Quebec City is by walking; be prepared  for lots of… Continue reading

The Indian Kannadiga Bride

She’s clad in an ornate silk saree that she took months to buy only because she wanted the best. It’s not her regular outfit, but she still carries it with ease and charm.… Continue reading

Kingston’s 1000 Island Cruise

We visited Kingston only to take the 1000 Island cruise and we were definitely not disappointed. Kingston city is located in Ontario; it provides great picturesque view of the islands and the St.… Continue reading